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If T = m'g, where m' = mass equivalent to tension T, then m'g - mg sin θ = μ mg cos θ m' = m ( μ cos θ + sin θ) Procedure: 1. Hook one end of the spring on the retort stand. 2. Hang the hanger with a 20g slotted mass at the other end. 3. Measure the length l1 of the spring, record the mass m1 of the load. 4.

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  • The coefficient of friction between the block and the inclined . Advanced Physics questions and answers. A block of mass 12 kg slides down an inclined plane with an angle of inclination of 33 degrees. It is stopped by a spring of stiffness 780 N/m. If the block slides 4.8 m before hitting the spring, determine the maximum compression of the.

    The coefficient of static friction us between block a of mass 2 kg

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